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We are not a commercial venture, the use of the site is on trust. We cannot be liable for anything as we are not insured.  For this reason we limit to trustworthy Christian people. We may not be immediately available close-by; so ideally, someone in your group should be familiar with sources of water, electricity and general safety on the site. We could explain this at some point. We would be on the end of a mobile of course.

A one-off standing charge of £10 per camp/event plus - 

0 - 15 people - £2.50/day (24hrs) each
15- 30 people - £2.00/day each
30+ people - £1.50/day each

Numbers include all adults and children on site over a 24 hour period (flexibility on those coming and going of course)

Non-camping events - Based on the above, but flexibility as agreed before the event.


1. Please do not leave sticks and rocks in the grass, they damage the mower.
2. Any broken glass to be removed from the field, this recently caused damage to the mower tyre.
3. If the bricks are  used for camp fire/fires then please replace after use and DON'T smash into tiny pieces.
4. Please put all litter in bags in the bins.  Please take your own litter, unless there is a problem or not enough litter.
5. Take care with the trees/shrubs and do not cause damage, 2 Flax branches were recently found to be broken.
6. The firewood pile is private and for the owners use only.  Fires are permitted but your own wood must be supplied.
7. The cutting of trees/ branches anywhere on site is not permitted.
8. The the site is privately owned .  The owners and their family may well be on site during camping events and cannot be restricted.
9. Please do not block the main gateway or any other path/track/doorway  with vehicles, as access may be needed at all times.
10.Please record any defects (such as broken light bulb) etc in the 'Defects' book to be found in the kitchen.